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Sugar Diabetes Control

Sugar Diabetes Control

Ingredients :

 A Proprietary Blend Of:


Huereque, Nopal, Guaco, Sage and Prodijiosa.

Huereque : Lowers blood sugar.

Nopal : Reduces type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity.

Guaco : Removes inflammation, mucus and candida.

Sage : Lowers glucose level.

Prodijiosa : Stimulates pancreas secretions, reduces blood sugar level and induces a vivid dream state

Sugar Diabetes Control

A good mixture of these herbs strengthens the pancreas and endocrine system, controls blood sugar levels naturally. And is used to reverse diabetes. 

(Similar to Dr. Sebi's Endocrine Compound)


Sugar Diabetes Control can be used by itself as a general cleanser or with other herbal combinations. The more combinations that you use together, the more you will cleanse the entire body down to the intracellular level

* Jordan's Cell Food Original and Unique formulas are proprietary of Jordan's Cell Food and may contain ingredients not listed here.