Fasting Help Plus Support Package (Inspired By Dr. Sebi)

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Fasting Help Plus Support Package – Main ingredient: Hoodia was used by Dr. Sebi.

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Fasting Help Plus Support Package 9 Unique Herbal Formulas (Inspired By Dr. Sebi).

1 – Fasting Help Plus –   Main ingredient: Hoodia was 

      used by Dr. Sebi. Did you know that Hoodia will 

      suppress your appetite for three to four days.  

1 – Sugar Diabetes Control –  (Similar to Dr. Sebi’s 

      Endocrine compound).

1 – Bladderwrack Sea Moss Plus

1 – Calcification Buster – Cleanse heavy metals, kills 

                                              harmful bacteria, kills 


1 – Candida Clean – Dissolves kidney tones, breaks up 

                                  intestinal waste. 

1 – Green Plus – Chlorophyll rich food, a good source 

                            of multi-minerals which promotes 

                            good heart health 

1 – Mental Focus –   Focus is good for adults, children 

                                   and teens who are suffering from 

                                   ADD & ADHD. 

1 – Natural Energy Booster – Anti-inflammatory, 

                                                     supports immune system. 

1 – Natural Iron Power   – Blood purifier, removes 

                                               pathogens and binds with 


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